In this training, participants will deepen their understanding of the historical context and milestones in the fight for disability justice, particularly within the unique landscape of New York. This comprehensive training, covering key legislative victories, court decisions, deinstitutionalization, community integration and an overview of essential entities such as the New York State Office of the Chief Disability Officer and the Office of Advocacy and Peer Support Services within the New York State Office of Mental Health, empowers NYCPS with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective advocates for individuals with systems experience.


  1. Introduction and Welcome (15 minutes)
    1. Importance of Disability Justice Training for NYCPS
    2. Overview of Learning Objectives
    3. Introduction to the Historical Context of Disability Rights in New York
  2. Key Legislative Victories and Court Decisions (45 minutes)
    1. Overview of Landmark Legislation in New York
    2. Impact of Court Decisions on Disability Rights
    3. Case Studies: Examining the New York Context
    4. Interactive Discussion: Applying Legal Frameworks in Peer Support
  3. Deinstitutionalization and Community Integration (30 minutes)
    1. Historical Overview of Deinstitutionalization in New York
    2. Progress and Challenges in Community Integration
    3. NYCPS Role in Facilitating Successful Transitions
    4. Group Reflection: Sharing Experiences and Strategies
  4. Personal Reflection and Application (30 minutes)
    1. Participants’ Reflection on Training Content
    2. Recap of Key Learning Points
    3. Feedback and Evaluation


  1. Understand the key legislative victories and court decisions relevant to disability rights in New York.
  2. Analyze the impact of deinstitutionalization and progress in community integration in the state.
  3. Reflect on personal roles and responsibilities in advancing disability justice within the unique context of New York.
  4. Connect with local resources and advocacy groups for ongoing collaboration and support.


This two-hour training session aims to equip NYCPS with a nuanced understanding of the New York-specific historical context of disability rights, fostering their ability to advocate effectively and provide culturally competent peer support.