Amy’s Closet: Where Hope, Support and Style Meet

MARCH 18, 2024

ALBANY, NY: The Mental Health Empowerment Project is delighted to unveil “Amy’s Closet,” our newest initiative aimed at fostering confidence, self-esteem and hope within our community. “Amy’s Closet” is designed to assist anyone navigating new beginnings or challenges.

“Amy’s Closet” offers an extensive selection of gently used business attire, casual clothes, shoes and accessories suitable for men, women and children. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who visits feels prepared, confident and empowered for their next steps, whether that is a job interview, a first day at a new school, or simply a fresh start.

Our commitment goes beyond clothing. Amy Colesante, Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Empowerment Project emphasizes the importance of seeing each visitor as an individual: “When someone walks through our door, they are not just a client, they are not just a number. They are a person.” This personalized approach ensures that every individual feels valued, heard and part of a broader community.

Monique, a beneficiary of “Amy’s Closet,” shared her transformative experience: “I was in a halfway house and needed to find a job. Amy’s Closet not only provided me with the clothing but also assisted with my resume and interview preparation. This support gave me a sense of self-worth, the confidence that I can do anything, and the feeling that I was important and part of the community.” Monique’s story exemplifies the profound impact of the holistic assistance offered by the Mental Health Empowerment Project on individuals’ lives, affirming the initiative’s dedication to fostering empowerment and belonging.

In addition to clothing, the Mental Health Empowerment Project provides comprehensive assistance including resume help, interview preparation, free haircuts on Tuesdays, and free manicures on Fridays. These additional services are part of our holistic approach to wellness and empowerment.

Let’s make every first impression count and support each other in feeling our best. Welcome to Amy’s Closet, where hope, support and style meet.