Albany County Dual Recovery Specialist

Albany County Dual Recovery Specialist

The Albany County Dual Recovery Specialist works in the community in a variety of ways:

Assist in the development of Self-Help resources

  • Links consumers with self-help and other natural supports and resources.
  • Acts as a central resource and referral for self-help groups in Albany County.
  • Maintains and circulates self-help group resource lists.
  • Trains people to facilitate dual recovery and other self-help groups.
  • Provides technical assistance and support to facilitators during training proce


Provide Education to Support Individual Growth and Further Systems Advocacy

  • Provides education on rights, responsibilities, processes, and procedures in the mental health system and other community systems in which people may be engaged.
  • Be a model and provide technical assistance to help people take an active role in the decision-making process in their lives.
  • Works actively to create a safe complaint-friendly process for consumers.  By knowing and having credibility with both consumers and service providers, the Dual Recovery Specialist can be most helpful in resolving complaints in their early stages.
  • Trains people on how to participate effectively on boards and committees.

Education and Collaboration with Community Service Providers

  • Educates service providers on self-help and how to integrate it with services they provide.
  • Provides constructive feedback to service providers, i.e.,  identifying gaps in system and suggestions for quality assurance.
  • Partners with agencies and community groups to provide county-wide skill building and training activities.